Monday, May 16, 2011

To ward off the temptations of caloric food at every turn, battle fatigue from the road, and the impersonality of hotel rooms, never underestimate the power of bringing along a few things of valor and meaning from home. 

When I'm away from the safety net of my daily routine, I need the buttresses of balance more than ever. For me it's getting enough sleep (hence the mask), music that's either soothing, uplifting, or energizing, thanks to a fully loaded I-Pod; and a comforting book...even it I only have time to look at the cover, it's a help.

Balance, I Love You...and I never want it to end...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Open Road

For many years, I was all but home-bound.  Carrying around 180 pounds of excess weight will do that to you.  The weight may have merely been a symptom, but it was a mighty one. And then there was the real impediment, or rather, the root of it all:  the emotional pain and baggage that kept me bound.  And when I was bound I was cut off from adventure, exploration, general fun and new horizons.

Travel became increasingly difficult until eventually, anything other than traveling by car was out of the question.  No more.  Check out my "Hungry For The Truth" blog for the nuts and bolts of the journey, how I did it, how I continue to navigate the ongoing challenges of emotions, temptations, bad days, and even the avalanche of good stuff that orbit everyday life.

This blog is devoted to the fruits of my evolution.  For years I've dreamt of traveling with freedom and grace. Of leaving my comfort zone and familiar surroundings with regularity. Now I'm doing it.

"I Once Was Lost" will be compilations of recent excursions, profiles of inspirational and unusual people I meet along the way, and travel ideas for your own adventures. Most importantly, I want to get across the truism that Dreams, though they may feel ephemeral, abstract, and ungraspable, can be living, breathing, 3-D present moment REALITY.

Happy Trails,